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There is a long river
There is a long river that stretches on forever.
It winds its way through the trees of many forests,
and glides along the base of countless valleys.
I have been following this river all my life.
It's what our people do.
We were born within feet of the river's edge,
and one of our first sights is the water
slicing the earth in half.
When mother could walk again,
the movement continued, and since it had continued,
it has not stopped since.
It stops for nothing but birth.
The journey is not peaceful,
for an entity beyond comprehension
follows the river, too,
but not to seek its truths.
We never met this entity as children,
though many we knew had lost so much to its ravenous appetite.
"Best not to speak of it," they would say,
and they were met with appropriate silence.
Instead, we children were told tales
not of the beast, but of how we were to follow this river,
for at the end, we may find
the eternal truth.
"This is all we want to find," they would say.
"This is all we have wanted
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it had to be you
Yesterday is a distant era
Captured in sepia, smiles frozen in place
And even a carved statue of your figure to an exact degree
Would not be enough.
Time is the murderer of memory
And I dread every second that flies 
Across the clock's stoic face.
Only you standing in front of me now
Would make this alright.
Too little, too late.
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open letter #1 :iconmasukee:Masukee 1 1
A thing I can't quit,
no expanding arterial wall;
I'm a sickle cell
caught up in you
platelets from megakaryocytes
to fill the wound
from your fingertips
A soft kiss
Purkinje fibers frazzled
semilunar valve 
murmuring sweet nothings
A heated embrace
sinoatrial node 
please defibrillate
There is no such thing as
diastolic or systolic;
only you
over me
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It's so easy to forget
that the wounds you inflict
are not always apparent
at first glance
Like the cut that suddenly appears
and you wonder how it got there
you have left a bigger scar
than previously foreseen
Steam Powered and on repeat
I consider swallowing bleach
to scar the lining of my esophagus
a pasty white
Uniform and monochrome
just like you like it
the way I've been swallowing bleach
for fucking years
Your child is a queer
Your child is a queer
Your child is a queer
Your fucking child is a queer
And your child is suffering
and your child is angry
and your child is loving
in all the wrong ways
Are you so willing
to condemn your child
to serfdom to your own
creature comfort?
Are you so certain
that your child must shed their skin
in order to enter
the afterlife's door?
This child will not do it.
I am done.
No more will I adhere to your
gently carved frame.
I will look up to my heroes,
mourn the fallen,
reject your heaven
to love myself.
Life i
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Buttons for eyes, mismatched sizes
Sewed but a centimeter off
And a nose, a triangle patch of burlap
Sewn in the center.
A jagged cross-stitch mouth.
Stitched from a thousand forsaken cloths--
Rugs, rags, blankets, curtains, cozies, scarves--
I shamble into the light.
Irregular trails burrow into shifting sand.
I limp.
"Do I pass?" I ask,
Lips parched and throat raw,
Begging for recognition, validation,
Anything to keep the charade going
But a little while longer.
Young men spit in reply.
Young women give strange looks.
Old men pat my head and smile,
Tell me I am beautiful,
A beautiful pile of rags.
I weep.
The sound is of catching fabric.
Needle fingertips snag on my hat,
Sink into my face as I try
To wipe away tears.
Subject to a greater force,
Perhaps the sway of a life of joy,
I seek solace somewhere that I know
Can shelter my dangerously vulnerable
Pincushion heart.
Self-subjected solitude
Is an appropriate prison
In which to mend myself
So I am not only suitable,
But passable for
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thesaurusasaurus :iconmasukee:Masukee 1 1
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how do you want me? :iconmasukee:Masukee 2 0
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one by one :iconmasukee:Masukee 1 0
the abyss.
It's the abyss: the abyss that nobody seems to understand unless it's dragged them underneath its surface. It's not romantic, though the poet would believe so. The poet, by trade, is a liar, not that I've an inkling of the truth.
Those who have the abyss within them see the abyss in others. I have seen the abyss in you, because it is in me. We are its benefactors, and we cannot flee from it. We do not have a choice, because it does not give us one. The choice we make is our own entirely. We may fight the abyss, or let it swallow us.
The fight is long, the struggle immense, and you will hear voices telling you it cannot be done. They will tell you to give in, or they will call you the poet, his lying teeth stapled to your own gums, and you will choke on what you think is the truth. You will look around and see the abyss in others who look back at you with blank, lifeless eyes, and you can see each other's bloated corpses lying at the bottom of its river. You will be lonely, and never al
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knighted spartans
Like a sniper,
I pick off the booze
one shot at a time.
Glass clanks
dull on the counter.
It burns going down.
I stand
over the sink
and try not to cry.
I refuse
to chase the fire
with anything.
The lump in my throat
hasn't left yet
but I'm not concerned.
I know
I'm punishing myself,
and it's a bit fucked up,
But people mistake
monsters for
war heroes all the time.
Surely, then,
if I drink myself
into this grand stupor,
They won't see
how I'm calling
my own execution.
Instead I shall be
celebrated as a martyr
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romantic comedy
It's a lark
how we're standing across from each other
and yet the vastness of space
yawns between us.
We're talking like we're meant to be,
but soulmate is a word that has many meanings
in the romantic community
which engulfs society.
I'm committed to two people
who love me so much
that they act as a cover
for when the shrapnel of interest blows
And you're with someone
who sees cross-country in their near future,
who knows your soul,
and sees peace somewhere with you.
It makes me wonder--
and it certainly makes me laugh,
because I am a sucker for
a little bit of heartbreak--
Why we aren't
crawling into each other
and enveloping one another
in that wonderful way lovers do.
But then I remember
that I am a masochist,
you're in love with her,
and this is a romantic comedy.
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Mature content
a sketchdump of words vol. 1 :iconmasukee:Masukee 1 2
how fantasy saved my life (a lyric essay)
    I was lying flat on my back on a park bench the day I realized something about myself. It was not the first time I had wandered toward that park bench with the intent to rest, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. I was not chagrined, however, by my not just taking my rest, but reclining upon the bench entirely, because I was not beautiful enough to have to be ashamed of myself. Wearing the most innocuous of clothes, I was a veritable ghost lingering among the living, inconsequential and invisible to each passer-by. Invisible, alone, and lying on a park bench, I reigned in my tears as I tried to calm myself. I was riled up, my composure coiled tightly inside me like a spring, ready to snap at the slightest break in my stability. I had hoped that seeking solace outside in the natural world would help me, but alas, that turned out not to be the case. The sky above was vast, but it could not help me. The Earth below me was cool, but it could
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what I know about love (a braided essay)
(Ilùvatar and the Void)
I have always loved The Lord of the Rings, and all things that are connected to the lore of Middle Earth. I read The Hobbit years ago, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy I devoured within a few months of each other. It's been a long gap of years since I last set down the beautiful green cover of my copy of The Return of the King and the present, where I have recently opened the soothing purple cover of The Silmarillion. It reads like a Bible, like a religious text that speaks the truth, and I can't help but fall into its lore with more love than I intended. 
I'm learning so much more about this world that I only had limited knowledge of before now. I am learning about Eru, or Ilùvatar, as the Elves call him, and his creation of the Ainur. I'm learning about how some of the Ainur left the comfort of their life by Eru's side to follow the Imperishable Flame and create Arda for Eru's Childre
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been your will.
For a creature of understanding,
Rarely was he understood.
Through times rough and demanding,
He was carved of charring wood.
Emotions gathered on his lashes.
Syrupy, they dripped and fell.
If his cheeks were sore and swollen,
No one said that they could tell.
He was born of something natural,
Something he cannot emote.
He was made for happy silence,
Not your two cents down his throat.
Through his golden curls
The sun shone and gave me will.
His smile cut through the whirls
Of hate that bound me, made me ill.
He was a beauty beyond compare,
A vice that I couldn't repent.
He was the sun, the sea, the air,
The voice that came and then that went.
He had his pick of everyone,
For everyone would want him.
But of all the creatures of the sun,
He chose my dark to haunt him.
Despite the essence of his light,
He lingers near my dark.
Despite how often I choose to fight,
He'll listen and he'll hark.
I'm overwhelmed by his decision,
By his will to be my friend.
He's cut through me with preci
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Stuff I've been up to... XD


Eclipse of the Sun
We spoke
to headless
hooligans to
cover the
ink we
They couldn't
see through our
fractured gaze
They couldn't
hear our gold coins
all the way
in our coat pockets
In the name
of God, we
wipe the blood
of our people
from the crevice
of our lips
Greed is
our Jesus Christ
The thoughtless
will suffice.
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I just realized that you can enter a state of total euphoria all on your lonesome, and while it's a lonely ascent, it's a pretty exhilarating journey all on its own. All you have to do is find that song that makes you long to fall in love and think about it when you're surrounded by something that piques your interest. Fall in love without falling in love. I think I've mastered the art of loving completely without loving at all.



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